BettaFishVase.jpg (22391 bytes)BETTA FISH VASE

  Supplies Needed

     10 ” Vase (Crafts)

     2 packages of decorative Gemstones (Crafts)

     1 male Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) (Pets-Walmart)

     6” Dieffenbachia Plant or 6” Philodendron or
     6” Spathaphylium  (Peace Lily) (Garden)
     4” Plastic Planting Tray (the kind you place under the vase to hold water) (Garden/Lawn)
     1 straw, clear is best (3 - 4" length)
     1 Gallon Bottled Water (Food area-Beverage aisle) 
DO NOT USE TAP WATER OR DISTILLED WATER    (unless you buy drops to neutralize chlorine)

     Yard of wired ribbon (crafts)



q      Rinse vase and gemstones with tap water to remove any dust or particles that might be harmful to the fish.

q      Remove the plant from the pot and rinse all the soil off the roots.  Trim the bottom of the roots so they are neat and even

q      Cut a hole about the size of a quarter in the bottom of the 4” plastic planting tray.

q      Pull the roots of the plant through the hole in the plastic tray and place it aside.

q      Place 1 packs of the gemstones in the bottom of the 10 "

q      Pour bottled water at room temperature into the vase to about 1 inch below the neck of the vase. * least 1 inch of air between the plastic and water, Betta's need air!  (You will need about 2.3 of the gallon or water)

q      Gently place the fish into the vase

q      Put plant with planting tray into the top of the vase.

q   Place the straw thru the hole half  out and half in (for constant source of air)

q      Place the remaining gemstones in the plastic planting tray.

q      Tie a decorative bow around the neck of the vase.


IMPORTANT:  Continuing Care Needed

q      Do not place more than one Betta in a vase at the same time. They don't get along and will eat other fish.

q      Feed fish daily can drop it down the straw make sure it doesn't get clogged, it's best to get the tiny grains that float, rather than the ones that sink.  

q      Add water as needed daily if necessary.....and clean each week. 

* I realize some people feel betta vases are cruel but if done right and kept clean and kept with only water plants and plenty of air, they can do just fine.  Ours are healthy and nearly 2 years old.  Good luck and remember take care of your betta.  They are NOT a TOY.