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First let me say.....if you have some newz you'd like for me to place on this page
...email me at: janih@foundus.com   Be sure to put Faerie Newz in the subject line
 or I might delete the email not knowing what it is.


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smartartz creations
Smartartz Creations is a magical, fun-filled world of hand painted gifts,
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Fairy, Nature and Animal Lover & Ronni's Fairy Fabulous Website visitor! Please pass the word....
I'm teaching the beginner online Fairy class right now, if you are interested.

Designing Fairy
OCTOBER Newsletter


- Online PAINTING gallery exhibit, October 13th, starts Saturday. Check out the cool paintings for your wall or your kid's wall. There will be select paintings too. Have a virtual cookie and stay awhile. http://www.ronniannhall.com/painting.html

- New! Tell a friend. Ronni's Psychic Room Website. A site for my intuitive work and readings. Help, answers, teachings and tools for you and your animals.
Go to http://www.ronniannhall.com/intuitive
Referrals welcome!
All my art and books will be at the regular site at www.ronniannhall.com.

Featured October's Potion is Arizona Poppy (for worry and when your thoughts go round and round-ha ha, on it now). Buy at our Potions store. Great also for animals who are too serious and too in their heads. Go to the Ronni's Psychic Room Website for ordering. We have an extensive list of essences to check out!

Tip for October is: to deal with all the crazy energy bopping around in the Universe go near water! Water will be calming and stabilizing to your system. Go out in Nature with your animals. Nature is a natural balancer. An added benefit in Nature is you are far away from phones, television and the news. ( A tip from the Care of the Sensitive class, now offered in two affordable parts. Click here.)

Thanks for reading and stopping by,
Ronni A. Hall
Designing Fairy

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Donny (Onewhoflies) who wrote "Teencorner"  for our newzletter has been growing older Just turned 18!...check out pictures of him at:  http://www.foundus.com/Donny/index.html
He graduated May 2007 and  plans to attend Texas A & M University in the fall, majoring in Chemical Engineering.  
Guess you can tell this mom is proud!  ....Marafae

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Fairyland Car!!

Hi, My name is Sandra Elftmann and I live in Minneapolis.  I just wanted share some photos of my VW bug that is painted with Faeries, elves and gnomes, aka ‘Faerie Elf Car’.  

 A local Minnesota artist did the drawings, and myself and others helped to paint them. It is a very fun car, and gets lots of looks, but I just wanted to share with other Faerie people!  Enjoy!

 Regards,  Sandra

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Wow it's June already, my grandson is 21/2, if interested check out my family pics at http://www.foundus.com/family/index.html  .  I have been working hard to update my website, it's really looking pretty good.  I miss writing the newzletters but with Donny graduating, I've been working to help him with scholarships, applications to enter college and everything else that comes with the job.   Colin is coming over this evening so I know I'm going to have fun.  He calls me Noni and Darren Poppy...... that's more Australian but I thought they were cute names.  Check out my art site, I'm working on miniatures and will be adding them from time to time.....hugs, Jani aka Marafae

Art site:  www.foundus.com/art/jani

This is all so far, if you have newz....email me:  janih@foundus.com


Hugs, Marafae

When you're lonely, I wish you LOVE.
When you're down, I wish you JOY.
When things get complicated, I wish you FAITH.
When things look empty, I wish you HOPE.
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