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Information and Illustrations on this site are from the book "Gnomes"
Text by Wil Huygen, Illustrations by Rien Poortvliet,
Published by Abrams Publishing
*Printed with permission to help promote  the book.

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floicon.gif (1139 bytes)They work at night in the woods and sometimes in human dwellings, it is not sheer coincidence that the word gnome itself is derived from Kuba-Walda, which means " home administrator" or "home spirit" in the ancient Germanic language. In rural areas these home administrators often live in the rafters of barns, where, if they are treated well, they keep an eye on the livestock as well as crops. Another variant of their name translates as "to put in order" or "do odd jobs" - with or without an apron.

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These delightful stories, pictures and secrets are brought to you by our own Queen Gnome from her many sources and Marafae, Queen of the Faerie's, as a gesture of Friendship between the Faeries and the Gnomes in this New Year of 2003 as we celebrate "Inspiration"


(if you visit the artist tell them we came from here, thank you)
  DennisSheehy, Folk Artist, (Gnome homes, workshops)
CarlSpirito, Sculptor of Gnomes, Faeries and other things
BarbaraSzijarto, Gnome Artist (dolls, lawn displays, etc)
RobertFrancis, Gnome Artist (carved gnomes from quality wood)
GerdineVanWoudenbergrg, Gnome Carver (Unique carvings, visit site)
Robbin Rae Baker, Gnome Artist (Unique hand crafted Gnome Dolls)


(Info from 1987 book info...migrations have continued and locations far reaching beyond last drawn maps)

Types of Gnomes
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Woodland Gnome  

The woodland, or forest, gnome is probably the most common. But this is difficult to verify, as he is not fond of showing himself to man and has many escape routes. His physical appearance resembles that of the ordinary gnome.

   Dune Gnome

The dune gnome is a fraction larger than the woodland gnome. He, too, avoids contact with man. His clothing sometimes is remarkable drab. The female of this gnome type does not wear gray clothes; hers are khaki-colored.

Garden Gnome  

The garden gnome belongs to the general type. He lives in old gardens, even those hemmed in between the new houses of modern "model" cities. His nature is on the somber side, and he rather enjoys telling melancholy tales. If he begins to feel too closed in , he simply goes to the woods. But, as he is quite learned, he sometimes feels out of place there.

   Farm Gnome

The farm gnome resembles the house gnome but is of a more constant nature and is conservative in all matters.

House Gnome  

The house gnome is a special sort. He resembles an ordinary gnome but he has the most knowledge of mankind. Owing to the fact that he often inhabits historic old houses, he has seen both rich and poor, and heard a great deal. He speaks and understands man’s language; gnome kings are chosen from his family. These gnomes (Farm and House) are good-natured, always ready for a lark or to tease; they are never malevolent, with a few exceptions, of course. If a gnome is really wicked—which happens only once in a thousand –it is due to bad genes that result from crossbreeding in faraway places.

    Siberian Gnome

The Siberian gnome has been the most affected by crossbreeding. He is centimeters larger than the European type and associates freely with trolls. In certain regions there is not a single gnome to be trusted. The Siberian gnome takes revenge for even the slightest offense by killing cattle, causing bad harvests, droughts, abnormally cold weather, and so forth. The less said about him, the better.

Gnome Family  
Gnome Pictures (Gnome families, love, twins) 



Male Gnomes frown due to posing in harsh daylight.  At 275 years old he is in the prime of life...actual height (without cap) on image for more info.




The adult female gnome weighs 250 - 275 grams... 
Female Gnomes tend to wear camouflage colors (gray or Khaki)..

Gnome Foes
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has great midi playing...see if you can name it

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many of the thumbnail pics will link to larger pic's that you can download and keep for yourself.

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