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Jani Hallam
Hi I'm a ONE BRAIN facilitator in the NW Houston, Texas area. I have taken classes from both Daniel and Gordon (see bio page) Received my certification in 1993 and moved to Dallas to work with a school that did OneBrain workshops and private sessions.  Later I moved back to the NW Houston area where my family lived and started working out of my home.  Today I live in New Braunfels, Texas (The Hill Country).  I continue to do OneBrain Sessions and have incorporated another product that enhances health holistically, see more below (CieAura Chips - a mobile acupuncture type product, without needles)
While In Dallas I was attended the first Three In One Concepts Gala where I met with over 200 other facilitators from 22 countries around the world.
I first took the courses to help me. and I continue to defuse to be the best that I can be.....I feel I have a gift as a facilitator and instructor and would love to help you with defusing negative issues in your life. You can contact me at: 

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